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Property Market Intelligence

Property Market Intelligence - Comprehensive Market Analysis

Rennie Property Market Intelligence is real-time research and analysis of the commercial, industrial and retail property market in South Africa. It is the most comprehensive and in-depth property database in South Africa.

Our database is continuously updated and collated by dedicated analysts, with every premises in our vacancy database assessed at least every 30 days. This is to ensure that you have the most current and up-to-date information available.

Through a combination of cutting edge technology and analytics, the data is turned into easily understandable information, providing vital insight to banks, fund managers, analysts, developers, valuers, landlords and tenants. It is a powerful tool to assist in property investment choices, income forecasting, property finance decisions, property valuations, market surveys, tenant negotiations and the assessment of development opportunities.

    Key features include:

  • Live information
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime online
  • Province, district and suburb analysis
  • Average, high and low asking rentals
  • Supply and demand trends
  • Unit size and grade segmentation
  • Variance between asking and actual rentals