Our Property Market Intelligence Product

Guiding your property decisions with valuable, up to date analyses of the commercial, retail and industrial property market in South Africa.

Who should subscribe?

Through a combination of cutting edge technology and analytics, our real time data is turned into easily understandable information.

  • Property finance providers – Are the rent forecasts realistic and are vacancies increasing or decreasing?
  • Property Asset Managers – are revenue forecasts based on realistic rentals, what supply speed bump is the market about to hit?
  • Property Analysts – Is the fund over or under rented?
  • Property developers – Are the projected rents realistic?
  • Property valuers – Over / Under rented – should you Topslice or not?
  • Tenants – when renegotiating your rent – is the proposed rent realistic?

Key Benefits

  • Accessible online anywhere, anytime
  • Narrow down your analysis from province, to area, to district
  • View supply  trends by node, by property grade
  • View pricing trends by node, by property grade
  • Segment price and supply into unit size
  • Graphics, tables all colour coded.